Logistics Coordinator (Canada & USA)

Montreal, QC

Job Type: Contract; Maternity-Leave Replacement


Some people see a product on a shelf and think nothing of it. You see a product on a shelf and see all the behind-the-scene steps that got it there. You think about the logistical Jenga involved in getting it from the point of production to the point of sale, and you get a little rush.

Ahead is some more information about who you might be – if it does in fact feel like we’re describing you, email your resumé to talent@templelifestyle.com ASAP. We’re waiting to meet you!

Our Logistics Coordinator is:

  • Excited to join and contribute to our highly collaborative, cross-functional team
  • Ready to take responsibility of our products from the time they leave their origin to the time they are received by our retail partners
  • Always operating with an acute attention to detail and a high level of accountability
  • Energized by the prospect of busy days, filled with challenging but affirming work
  • Eager to join a culture that promotes hard work, subverting the status quo, and fun (in equal measure)
  • Of the belief that a “Get Sh*t Done” attitude can solve almost all issues



Temple Lifestyle Brands develops, markets and sells products in the All-Natural and Organic Consumer Packaged Goods Industry. We offer better brands, responsibly made with honest ingredients to inspire people to feel good about the choices they make and how they affect their bodies and the planet.

We create wholesome and responsibly made products to inspire people to be and do their best. At Temple we have a commitment to being better in all that we do. You’ll find this in the way we treat our employees, our trusted partners and the planet.


We redefine what it means to live well.


Buddha Brands – Thirsty Buddha® Coconut Water, Hungry Buddha® Coconut Snacks and Healthy Buddha™ Coconut Products – is not just about healthier versions of everyday snacks and drinks – our commitment extends to the environment.


Wholesome, Always

Our trusted, top quality products are honestly made, with transparency of ingredients and production methods, and transparency of our business practices– that’s how we do better-for-you.

Planet First

We’re mission-based in both name and practice. We create value for people and the planet, with sustainability and the environment rooted in every decision we make.

Lighten Up, Be the Fun

Work is serious, but that doesn’t mean we have to be. Through hard work, we live well, laugh often and have fun. We communicate with positive intention, express our feelings and seek to inspire and empower our peers.

We, Not I

We check our egos at the door, and work collaboratively towards a common goal internally and externally with our stakeholders. We ask for the help we need, work with positivity, and offer support at all levels. Respect is more important than being right, and we have permission to make mistakes.

Get Sh*t Done

Passion, accountability, and drive deliver progress. We keep it simple, stay decisive and focus on process instead of problems for exceptional execution.

Always Adapting

We’re not afraid to take calculated risks and tackle challenges creatively. We feel empowered to stay curious and challenge the status quo. Fail fast and learn faster – that’s how we operate.

If you like to #GetSh*tDone, and would choose coconut water over soda without hesitation, send your resumé to talent@templelifestyle.com

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Montreal

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