At Temple Lifestyle we have a commitment to being better in all that we do. You’ll find this in the way we treat our employees, our trusted partners and the planet. We have committed to supporting various charitable organizations that are close to our hearts and we hope to inspire others to do the same.


Giving Back: #GiveBack

As the proud owners of Thirsty Buddha coconut water and Hungry Buddha coconut chips, we never take for granted how lucky we are to do what we do in providing our consumers with the best coconut products. With that understanding, we are so thankful to the planet for allowing us to harvest the fruits of its labour in order for us to get our products from the tree to your nearest retailer.
We have committed to supporting various charitable organizations that are close to our hearts and we hope to inspire others to do the same.
Giving back during the holidays – the environment and its well being are very important to us. Instead of printing and mailing out cards and gifts during the holiday season, we send e-cards and make sizeable toy donations to the Montreal Children’s Hospital or Sun Youth Foundation.


The Charities We Support

We love the Earth, and we intend to do our part in protecting it. Through 1% For The Planet, one per cent of our annual sales go to our favourite sustainable organizations. That means that with every Buddha Brands product purchased, our coconut-loving community is showing love to our planet. To date, we’ve donated many thousands of dollars and, with your help, we’ve still got lots more to give.

Here are some of the charitable partners we’ve donated to on behalf of everyone who buys Buddha Brands products:





Save the Oceans, Feed the World. Oceana is focused on ocean conservation and protecting the open waters.


Charity Water

funds a variety of different water solutions depending on water availability, culture, and economic conditions. 100% of funds go towards water project costs that will change the lives of hundreds of people. Check out the projects that we have funded in the feature section above.



Trees for the Future

Is an organization dedicated to reforestation in rural communities in the developing world. Plant trees and save the world.



David Suzuki Foundation

This Canadian foundation works with all levels of government, as well as businesses and individuals, to protect the environment, promote sustainable policies and effect real change in the fight against climate change.



Evergreen’s Greenspace program works with diverse partners to improve the health of urban natural systems. Making cities flourish.


Whole Kids Foundation

The Whole Kids Foundation provides grants for sustainable school gardens, school salad bars and cooking and nutrition curriculum to teach kids how to make healthy and environmental food choices.

To date, Buddha Brands has sponsored school gardens at three schools across Canada, allowing kids to learn about how healthy eating and local farming is good for their bodies and building sustainable communities.