Hello, We are Temple Lifestyle

We are Temple Lifestyle Brands, a proud brand developer at the forefront of the All-Natural and Organic Industry. Our Story began in early 2008 when a few young entrepreneurs got together to follow their dream; to provide greater access to healthy products in the marketplace in order to enhance the modern consumer’s lifestyle and well-being. Passionate about health and wellness, their main goal was (and still is) to source and carefully select healthy food offerings from around the world and bring them to Canada. Shortly thereafter, Temple Lifestyle was incorporated.

Temple Lifestyle currently services retailers across Canada and the U.S., from the major national chains to independents, providing the marketplace with healthier-for-you food and beverages.

Our Purpose: Redefine what it means to live well.

Our commitment: At Temple Lifestyle we have a commitment to being better in all that we do. You’ll find this in the way we treat our employees, our trusted partners and the planet.

A note to our supporters: Thank you to all of our retailers, customers and consumers as well as those who share our enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle and eating good food!You have helped us pursue our dream of bringing products we believe in to the marketplace that help support the planet and our overall well-being.

  1. Our Vision: Better brands, responsibly made with honest ingredients to inspire people to feel good about the choices they make and how they affect their bodies and the planet.
  2. Our Mission: We create wholesome and responsibly made products to inspire people to be and do their best.